Mr. Rizwan Arif Abbas received his PhD degree in Social Sciences. On behalf of the deanship of our college, we wish him the best of luck We wish him good health and more success. Congratulations again College of Primary Education Halabja.

A student in the English department of our college has published his latest book in six languages and received high ratings on several sites and has been invited to an exhibition in Scotland.
Abdulrahman Osman, a fourth year student in the English Department of our college, has published his third book entitled The Tears We Hide in six world languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Persian, and Turkish. On this occasion, he will be invited to Scotland to participate in a book fair and present his works.
This work is distinguished from other works by the fact that in addition to being published in six languages, it is also based on a true story and has two volumes.

with pictures; Provision of some important equipment for the Department of Social Sciences:
Yesterday Sunday 11⁄2⁄2024, Ruang provided 13 important equipments to the Department of Social Sciences, which are very important and advanced equipments used by students to obtain information and conduct scientific research. The equipments were:
1. Two noise meters.
2. Two carbon monoxide meters
3. Two carbon dioxide meters
4. An air quality meter
5- A water pH device.
6- Two soil pH devices.
7- Microscope.
8. Two barometers.
We would like to thank Ruanga Foundation and Halabja Office for providing these supplies to our department. We hope it will be a reason to raise the level of environmental research.

The Rector and the Dean of the College visited the examination halls.
This morning Sunday 11⁄2⁄2024 Rector of Halabja University (Prof. Mahabad Kamil Abdullah) accompanied by Vice Rector (Prof. Dana Tahir Abdullah) and Dean of our college (Prof. Rebwar Zeenuddin). Mohammed) with the Chairman of the Examinations Committee Mr. (Omar Fuad Ghafoor) visited the examination halls of Halabja College of Primary Education in order to be aware of the examination situation and students, discussed with students and teachers and wished them success.

Congratulations on your success
Mr. Hawar Kamal Mustafa obtained his PhD degree in English
Soran University, Faculty of Arts, Department of English
who conducted his PhD thesis entitled:
(the collapse of civilization and beyond A socio _politcal study of selected apocalyptic and post apocalypic fictions)

First Semester Final Examination

#Scientific trip
On Wednesday 17⁄1⁄2024, the second year students of the Department of Social Sciences of the College of Primary Education under the supervision of Mr. (Ayub Khalid Saifuddin) conducted a scientific trip to (Sargat village and Daray Mar) in ancient Middle Eastern history.

In order to learn a practical lesson in University Works Environment, to know the criteria for a quality science teacher, the first year students of the Department of General Sciences of Halabja College of Primary Education visited Leaders Educational Society.
During the visit, they were given many important instructions and information by the administrative staff of Leaders and a general science teacher.
Finally, the teacher of the Department of General Sciences presented thanks to the Leaders Educational Society.

On 8/1/2024 the fourth grade students of the Department of Social Sciences of the College of Primary Education under the supervision of Dr. (Marwan Mazhar Jaafar) conducted a scientific trip to the hospital (Sozi Mental) in order to practice guidance and mental health.

Today Wednesday 10/1/2024 Mr. Osama Ashraf with each of the fourth grade students of the Department of Social Sciences (Chra Rauf) (Kezhan Nuri) (Sumayya Arsalan)
Participated in the workshop on Climate Change and its Impacts on Human Rights (The Universal Declaration – a Catalyst for Environmental Human Rights Action)
It was organized by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI).
Representatives of Halabja University, journalists, volunteers, activists and representatives of civil society organizations participated in the workshop. We discussed the relationship between human rights and climate change and proposed several measures to address environmental concerns in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, in addition to the issue of how climate change affects peace and security.
Thank you very much to the teachers and students
May you always be healthy and successful in all areas of life
Thanks to the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI)
We hope that more work will be done in coordination with the government and relevant parties to establish continuous relations with international organizations and internationalize environmental issues.

We would like to thank our college Football team.