Halabja University, students who graduated (morning and evening) first to third colleges and departments between the years (2017-2018) to (2022-2023) within 2 days through this link to fill out the application form to do some necessary work.

زانکۆی هەڵەبجە – یەکەم و دووەم و سێیەمی ساڵانی ٢٠١٧-٢٠١٨ تاوەکو ٢٠٢٢-٢٠٢٣ (google.com)

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On behalf of the deanship of our college, we congratulate the Muslims of the world in general and Kurdistan in particular. We congratulate the teachers, students and employees of our college and university. . . . .
Happy Eid Mubarak again and may every day be a happy one and may peace and tranquility fill everyone’s lives.
Halabja College of Primary Education