Arabic Department


The department of Arabic language is one of the departments of College of Basic Education and it was established in 2013 accepting students in the academic year 2013-2014 consisting of 40 students.

Department Vision

In this department, there are two types of education:

  • In the first type, the subjects are related to Arabic language and literature and students are expected to be knowledgeable in such aspects,
  • The second type is concerned with introducing students to the psychological and educational aspects of teaching children and teenagers and how to treat them properly during the basic education years of study.

Department Mission

The department’s objective is to prepare qualified individuals scientifically and educationally and provide the basic schools with teachers of Arabic language. Additionally, the department attempts to develop academic and scientific skills of their students in relation to culture, Arabic language and conducting scientific research.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of Arabic Language Department are educated to:

  • Be proficient and skilful in Arabic language and literature,
  • Be able to treat both children and teenager students on psychological and educational levels, and
  • Be skillful in teaching Arabic lessons.

Study Methods

Teaching study in our department is the Bologna process.


The main language in this department is Arabic.


The duration of the study is 4 academic year