Social Sciences Department


The Department of Social Sciences was established by a ministerial decree issued in 2008 by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research at the University of Sulaimani and admitted the first round of students in the academic year 2008-2009. Then after the establishment of the UoH, the department became part of the new university.

Department Vision

The vision of the department is to prepare skilful and potential educators in the field of social sciences in a way that can contribute in building the intellectual infrastructure of the Kurdish society and the Kurdish schools.

Department Mission

The mission of the Department is to:

  1. Build educated and conscious individuals
  2. Make efforts to participate in the development of the Kurdish society in relation to civilization, culture and intellectualism.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes include  raising the society’s level of science in intellect and familiarize learners with higher levels of success in every aspect of learning so they can help  the society’s individuals conscientize.

Study Methods

Teaching study in our department is the Bologna process.


The main language in this department is Kurdish.


The duration of the study is 4 academic year