General Science


The Department of General Science was opened in 2023 and belongs to the College of Basic Education of UoH. The first group of Department of General Science students will join in the academic year of 2023-2024.

Department Vision

The vision of the Department is to:

  • The General Science Department graduates are anticipated to make effective teachers because they are well-versed in both science and education
  • Graduates from the General Science Department are educated about new practical and theoretical   curriculum as well as scientific progress.
  • To best prepare students to teach General Sciences, teachers introduce them to fundamental natural scientific concepts like biology, physics, chemistry, and geology.
  • The General Science Department is confident in graduated capacity to adjust to challenging situations while teaching properly.

Department Mission

The General Science Department is committed to helping each student achieve his/her personal academic potential by creating an environment that promotes

  • Frequent interactions between college and students.
  • Independent thought, collegial exchange of ideas, and high ethical standards.
  • Development of innovative instructional techniques.
  • Use of modern educational technology in lecture and laboratory courses.
  • Provide teaching based on the latest and most advanced trends in different fields of science.
  • An ability to illustrate the environmental issues facing our natural environment.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of General Science Department are expected to have:

  • Comprehensive understanding of important concepts, theoretical and experimental results, in general and natural sciences.
  • The ability to use critical thinking and effective problem-solving techniques in several scientific fields.
  • An ability to conduct a teamwork in both classroom and laboratory. 
  • The ability to use modern scientific instruments and methods for analysis purposes.
  • Knowledge of the guidelines and rules for the safe use and handling of chemicals.
  • The capacity to depict the environmental problems that our natural world is facing.

Study Methods

The Department of General Science encourages students to advance their knowledge and academic abilities by offering a variety of learning opportunities, including lectures, tutorials, seminars, exams, report preparation, poster creation, oral presentations, and field trips.


The main language in this department is English, except for few courses where the language of study is Kurdish.


The duration of the study is 4 full-time academic years.